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The Dating Bender (Paperback)

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A hysterical dramedy about a woman unhinged and at a crossroad. "Julian's debut takes an unabashed look at a failed marriage, divorce, and dating under the scrutiny of a less than supportive family." -former San Francisco Chronicle columnist, Adair Lara. Here I am, on my knees in front of the Trevi Fountain, hoping like hell the legend is true. That the fountain gives you solace and love by a mere toss of a coin. Why am I here, exactly? Let's see... It started with my parents telling me to get married. Of course, being the good Catholic girl I am, I did. Needless to say, that marriage nosedived, and my parents weren't exactly happy about it. Newly ditched and shamefully disowned, I decided to follow the advice of Babs, a tart-of-a-mentor, who offered me a job in Colorado. Her advice? Sex...and lots of it. The temptation of freedom, to do whatever-whoever-I wanted was too damn strong for me to say no. And that's how it all started. The men, the sex, the journey... The dating bender. Because everybody deserves a do-over. THE DATING BENDER is a hilarious satire about dysfunctional family relationships, women who love the wrong men, and one epic hunt for happiness.
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ISBN: 9781640340879
ISBN-10: 1640340874
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Publication Date: August 7th, 2017
Pages: 342
Language: English