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Media Whore: A Shockingly Simple Guide to Becoming Your Own Kickass Publicist (Business Series) (Paperback)

Media Whore: A Shockingly Simple Guide to Becoming Your Own Kickass Publicist (Business Series) Cover Image
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Nobody can sell your idea to the media better than you!
If you’ve ever needed to garner media attention for a product, a project, an event, or anything else, you know it can feel daunting to take on the task of self-promotion — but no more!
With more than 15 years as publicists and comedy writers, Daniel and Steven Shehori are here to prove nobody can sell the idea of your creation better than you. If you’re a performer, athlete, entrepreneur, charity, small-business owner, or entertainer of any kind, Media Whore lays out precisely how to acquire the kind of media attention you assumed only went to wealthy celebrities and obnoxious industry insiders.
This book will get you to embrace a simple mindset of how to amass media attention for yourself and your creations — in newspapers and magazines; on television and radio; and through infinite possibilities available online — at zero cost.
Media Whore is an insightful, humorous, and yes, totally kick-ass book that teaches shockingly simple (and shockingly effective) ways that self-publicizers from all walks of life can engage the media without having to hire a publicist.

About the Author

Daniel and Steven Shehori have secured media coverage for hundreds of clients, including the legendary The Second City Toronto, Louis C.K., Paula Poundstone, 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander, Evil Dead: The Musical, numerous charities, and several WWE Hall of Famers. Between them, they have earned three Gemini Award nominations (Canada's Emmys), a Dora nomination (Canada's Tonys), plus 15 Canadian Comedy Award nominations (and three wins!) as writers, directors, and producers. They've written for several national TV programs, including This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Hour, Naked News, and 11 award shows; produced more than 100 live comedy shows; and served as producers for Just For Laughs' Sarah Silverman & Friends. They are the founders of Sweat Equity Publicity (www.SweatEquity.ca).

Praise For…

“The Shehori Brothers are highly respected in the industry as publicists and writers/producers of live theater and television. And in addition to working with established artists, they take a lot of time to help up-and-comers with their careers. Besides being talented, they're generous as well, which I find a rare combination in this business.” – Richard Ouzounian, theatre critic, The Toronto Star & Variety 

"Daniel and Steven Shehori have the business and art of comedy in their blood. They are devoted advocates of young aspiring comedians, writers and actors, and they have the innate ability to understand what it takes to promote, produce and develop a career in the entertainment biz. They have done an extraordinary job publicizing the Second City." —Andrew Alexander, CEO, The Second City

“In my 25 year career in the media, I received thousands of pitches, via email, phone, video and other methods too bizarre to relate. But I knew when I saw the name ‘Daniel Shehori’ attached to one, that I could count on certain things being guaranteed. It would be interesting, it would be witty, it would be worth my time and it would be positioned in a way that managed to be simultaneously persuasive yet unintrusive. People frequently asked me how come Daniel’s projects got such thorough coverage from me and I would tell them ‘It’s a secret.’ Well now the secret is out. Daniel tells all in this book and I can assure you it’s worth its promotional weight in gold to buy a copy and follow the advice between the covers. —Richard Ouzounian, writer, director and quarter-century veteran of CBC, TVO, Variety and The Toronto Star

"First and foremost Daniel is a great guy. His communication skills are top notch and he knows the right media outlets to get the best exposure for what you are trying to promote. He's my go to guy for PR in Toronto." —Jay "Christian" Reso, two-time WWE World Champion

"Media Whore is a worthy companion to good-humored, DIY how-to guides like Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant's Writing Movies for Fun and Profit, and a welcome pulling back of the curtain on the machinations that go into delivering a passion product from its creators hands into, hopefully, the warm embrace of a consumer base. It's a cynical business, but Daniel and Steven Shehori's indefatigableness and ultimate optimism pack their book's pages and should both inspire and allow countless innovators and industry professionals to feel like somebody gets it." —Kenny Herzog, writer, Rolling Stone, Vulture, New York Magazine
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ISBN: 9781770402959
ISBN-10: 1770402950
Publisher: Self-Counsel Press
Publication Date: September 12th, 2017
Pages: 144
Language: English
Series: Business Series