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Upcoming Events in the Bay Area

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About All Things Book Events

Events are one of the best ways I know to introduce readers to authors and to let the discovery be theirs. When you hear an author speak, magic often happens, and a relationship is forged between reader and author that lasts a lifetime. This introduction to authors through events definitely has changed my life. 

All Things Book is host to many real time events featuring great authors at some of the best venues in the Bay Area ranging from the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts to The Spinster Sisters to the Sonoma Valley Authors’ Festival to the San Francisco Presidio. We work with publishers to bring these authors into our community. We also happily show up at other organization’s events with our pop-up bookshop. Sometimes we take touring authors on the road directly to organizations. We’re like matchmakers, finding the right audience for each author and his or her book and creating an event that uniquely expresses that match.  Our calendar reflects all of these types of events. If you’re a book lover in the Bay Area, please take a look at our calendar and start saving dates.