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How well do you negotiate?

A word from Vicki DeArmon, WomenTalkBiz Founder and Producer of You Are a Badass at Money Event

How many times have you negotiated something, and felt that you walked away without what you really wanted? It happens to me in my transactions with clients, kids (especially), and certainly during large item purchases or rental agreements. In the interests of being polite, I often surrender my side of the street. The Art of Negotiation event on September 20 is something I need. (Quick before I give away the store!)

I interviewed Amee Sas, negotiator extraordinaire, real estate agent, and our presenter for the September 20 WomenTalkBiz Confab (info below), so I could share some of her tips with you and frankly, so I could start applying them myself. If you haven’t met Amee, let me say that she is one of the most genuinely upbeat people I’ve ever met and so right away I could see that she didn’t approach her negotiations with a scowl and let me throw someone on the ground attitude. What? You can still be a pleasant person and negotiate well? Tell me more! 

There are a few big reveals she’s saving for the Confab, such as discovering how to keep the power in your negotiations. But here’s what I learned from talking to her on the phone for just 15 minutes. When negotiating, don’t talk too much. The more questions you ask the better. Many negotiations happen while you are trying to make a sale. Sell to their desired outcome or to their “why” rather than to your need to sell a product or service. The question, “Is there anything else I should know?” is good to ask. Also, women’s voices often go a pitch higher and they start talking faster when negotiating. Amee advises us to pull back, bring your voice tone down and slow down. 

Amee also will discuss what to do when you are directly confronted with a big objection in the course of your negotiations. Women can tend to lose it right here, backing down at the first confrontation, rather than repurposing that confrontation into a comeback that tamps down further objections. She discusses how to close a deal and how it all comes down to those last few minutes. I’ve often thought the deal was in the bag, the agreement sewn up, and later got a surprise when my client didn’t understand it the way I did. She will discuss the preparation that goes into a good negotiation and how “to set up the room” to increase your chances of success. 

I hope you will join us on Thursday, September 20 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at the Sheraton in Petaluma for this event. This is the first of our Fall line-up and we'll be posting Confabs for October and November shortly. I only do events that interest me and that I feel are essential to my learning as a business owner. We’re never really taught the skills of negotiating–we are like street fighters, figuring it out for ourselves. This is why I’m excited to have Amee give us the tricks and strategies she uses everyday at The Art of Negotiation Confab.

Secure your spot at the September WomenTalkBiz Confab below!

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