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An Interview with Lisa Mattson

One of books that sold out at the 2017 WOTVS Symposium was Lisa Mattson’s hilarious memoir The Exes in My Glass: How I Refined my Taste in Men & Alcohol, “a raucous journey” that describes her evolution from the Midwest to the Alexander Valley, beer to wine, and guys named Bubba to the man she describes as her soul mate. It’s a journey most woman can identify with and she doesn’t hold back on making fun of herself in this depiction which she claims is 80-90% true (names were changed to protect the guilty). For those of you who missed it last year, don’t worry, we have more copies coming for the 2018 Symposium! 

Lisa Mattson leads a creative life. As the fulltime Director of Marketing & Communications at Jordan Vineyard & Winery, she gets to play “in the creative sandbox,” which is how she describes the environment created by proprietor John Jordan. On any given day, she might be producing videos, managing photo shoots, writing blogs, as well as performing more traditional marketing.  “What I love best about working at Jordan is the diversity and the creativity. “ When she travels around the country promoting Jordan Wines, she also enjoys hosting wine diva meet-ups with other wine-loving women, especially those who want to exchange dating horror stories. 

Lisa’s usual MO is to be positive and “see the world through rose colored glasses,” but in Fall 2017, that attitude was challenged when the October fires that ravaged Sonoma County destroyed her home. While her house did not burn to the ground, it was ruined by its close proximity to the fire and the smoke damage that resulted. She’s been processing losing everything and "living in limbo” for months now as she manages the clean-up. But her positive attitude still lives on. She is grateful that she managed to save her art collection, a lifelong passion, and something she could never replace. 

Can we expect another book? Her experience in marketing led her to produce a professional book with The Exes in My Glass. And she has always been an advocate of writing like you talk which makes for some humorous reading. She did promise this. If she ever takes a sabbatical, she’ll write another book with an equally engaging working title, Crazy Shit That Happens When You Drink For a Living. We can’t wait.

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