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Women Talk Biz - Round Table Expert


Pay in full to secure your spot as a Round Table Expert at the Women Talk Biz confab.

What you get!

  1. Relationship building with your prospective clients through your Round Table.
  2. Emails for your Round Table attendees so you can follow up.
  3. Visibility with all 300 attendees who receive a program with your contact info which serves as take-home “rolodex.”
  4. Radio interview on KSRO Newstalk radio which has listeners throughout Northern California. Are you an expert? Do you have important skills or knowledge to impart to women in business?
  5. Exposure throughout the North Bay through NorthBay biz Magazine which inserts the event program featuring the experts into its May women’s issue (in April). (Also option to advertise your business in the magazine at discounted rate.)
  6. Training session for Round Table presenters before the event. Includes presentation strategies and media training for radio interview.
  7. Complimentary lunch following the event at your option, providing additional networking.

The WomenTalkBiz Confab also features an inspirational talk from a renowned business author with book signing after the Round Table sessions conclude.